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Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ann @ Holy Experience

I always *relish* when a Debi post pops in my reader.

I remember that original post about menu planning with a creative flare -- and you continue to bless.

Thank you, Debi... as always...

Joy Gross

wooohoooo I would love that... I feel the same way you do... it is so frustrating now that there are no children to cook for.

Mary Alice

That sounds like a really neat site that could truly be helpful to me. Busy mother of three who often gets in a rut. Thanks for the opportunity. Love ya, Mary Alice


Hey, sister! I'm game for the contest. One of my recent desires has been to be more creative and consistent in meal preparation. I think Jim would like it too! He recently wanted me to bake Raisin Pecan Bread like they sell at Whole Foods. He found the recipe on their website, and I
SO delighted in making it for him (yes, serving him). It really was good. I decluttered my cookbooks this week and want to organize my recipes a bit. So-o-0 I've been thinking about those things too.


How exciting! I have longed to learn how to cook more nutritionally for my family and now even Tim has joined me in that quest. How perfect this would fit in. I might even have to register at Relish myself if I don't win.


Hi Aunt Debi, my mom's e-mail address is: iammomofone@aol.com. Hope you are warm because we are freeeeeeeeezing up here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Allison


I think this would be neat! If I win, I will take it as a sign that I need to get more organized about meals!

God bless you!


We have an empty nest--most of the time. Youngest is away at college, but comes home once in a while. I'd love to try Relish. Sounds like a great resource.


Debi ~ please sign me up. I checked out their site and would love some of their kitchen tips and help. Thanks!


Hey guys...can't wait to see who wins...actually....I want you all to win :)


This website is a great idea, I like the concept. I had never heard of it until I ran across it on your blog.
I am a mother to a 4 year old and have a full time job out of the house. I could definitely use all the help I can get in planning my menus.
My husband and I used to be health nuts and after we had our daughter, we found ourselves eating out very often or just eating very unhealthy because of lack of time.
We have once again gotten back into our healthy routines and are planning meals and cooking at home. Sure would love to give Relish a try.
Thanks for hosting the give a way!
BTW...LOVE all your pics, they are awesome!


Just found your blog...it is very pretty. Please enter me, renabeth@yahoo.com. Thanks.


"Relish" would be an answer to my prayers! I always struggle with "what's for dinner" Debi, you seem to know so many cool things! Thank you for sharing this and blessings to whoever the lucky winner is!


hi debi!

i'm a newbie here. "relish" seems to be the word of the week for me ... keeps popping up all over the place. yes, i'd love to receive a 6-month free subscription. please enter my name and email.



LOVE this idea! I just finished re-organizing my kitchen so I could be more efficient, I think this is the next step. I'll have to give Relish a try. Thanks for the info!


I would love to be entered into the Relish giveaway. This could be the change my family needs. Thanks for sharing the info.




I was skipping along the blogosphere tonight and bumped into yours. Great photos.

Relish the thought that I might get out of this rut.


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