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Friday, October 12, 2007



I needed to read that today. Thanks for posting it.


I hadn't seen this yet, thanks for posting it.

I have been reading in Genesis where Hagar called God "The God Who Sees" and that is speaking to me lately. Sometimes it seems like I float through life and no one notices. I love what I do and I am content with my life, but sometimes it is nice to know that someone "sees" me!


So what is the name of the book & author. Your article was inspiring. I have emailed a link to my pastor. I think you hit the nail on the head - how so many people, men & women go through life feeling like they are unimportant & invisible in their lives.
Thanks for writing - you have tounced many lives that you will never meet. Mine for one.


Mom...I love this... Thanks for sharing.


Oh, Debi. I needed this today. "[my invisibility is]...the cure for the disease of my own self-centeredness."

Thank you! XO



Nicole Johnson is the author, as far as I know.

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