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Sunday, October 14, 2007



I love this! Thank you for posting the how-to!


My, how pretty! As pretty as they turned out, I guess, they were well worth your time. I can imagine the comments from the women. Yes, that was kind of John to help out, but he's that kind of guy.


WOW!! Thank you! I've bookmarked this for Christmas gift baskets. :) Wonderful tutorial.

Joy Gross

What a wonderful tutorial... I hope I can do this someday. thank you


Debi ~ beautiful! Thank you for taking time to do the tutorial; I've bookmarked it for future!


Debi you are brillant, these are wondderful !!!! Clarice

Junie Moon

The cookies look gloriously scrumptious! And I love the tutorial and thank you for your hard work in putting it together for us.


The ladies loved the cookie favors!! Yay! (I hope they like the taste of the cookies inside.) :) This was fun, but it will probably be awhile before I tackle that big of a project again! Doing it with someone else always makes it 100 times better.


Kudos to you both! Somehow my pumpkin cookies pale in comparison.:)


That's a lot of work, but they are adorable! GREAT JOB!
That would be fun to do with my Balcony Girls group.
Debi, come on over and see what you can WIN :)

Gumbo Lily

These are really pretty Debi. I'm thinking aloud -- they would be charming on the tables at my daughter's wedding reception. But gosh, so many! I'm thinking that "just cookies" on a pretty plate might be enough.

I like what you did!



Very cute stuff! You are super creative!

Overwhelmed With Joy!

How fun! Thanks for the tutorial. I'm also bookmarking it for future reference. :)


What beautiful, thoughtful gifts. Thanks for sharing how to do this. I'm sure each bag was greeted with a delighted smile.

Ann@ HolyExperience

You exude beauty...inside and out...
I can't wait to try these with Christmas cookies--stunning!
*Thank you*
You are loved.

Ann@ HolyExperience

(p.s.--yes, your husband IS a great guy! ~smile~ And his wife is one thoughtful, caring woman with a great eye for the perfect shot and angle! Martha should hire you!)


Oh, I love these!! Thanks for sharing.


Very cute! Thanks for sharing!
God bless :)

Mrs. Huse Clifton

Those are so beautiful. I am going to remember that for Christmas.


This is a great idea...THANKS!


Fun bags - a great tutorial.... but especially: what beautiful hands you have! Goodness, you should be a hand model!


those are just lovely!


I'm french, and we unfortunatly don't have this tradition here!
I love your work, and I will introduce this tradition here cause of you, France will be full of cookies soon!!!

Another favor, what's the secret to do this cookies (French again LOL)

Thanks a lot!



Just thought I would let everyone know I had really good luck with this company, they have the square bottom bags and they quality is really great. Also their pricing is great and they ship right away. Here is a link to the page: http://www.favorfrenzy.com/bags.asp or you can just go to their website at www.favorfrenzy.com


This is a great idea!!!

Congratulations!!!!! the cookies looks beautiful

Mel M. M. M.

Absolutely brilliant. I love all of the detail you put into designing these. Stunning work! :O)


I totally love your attention to detail and i think these bags are just precious! I was looking for some cute bags to buy for my Pastors birthday and these are absolutely perfect.... Thank you so much for sharing.


I make cookies at home for family, friend and other people that want to buy from me, and bag them tied with ribbon but was looking for a way to make them look better in the bag. I've been cutting a piece of cardboard from boxes I get free at the grocery store, etc and then wrap then in Heavy Duty Aluminum foil and this has been working ok, but I wanted something more prettier and with a base and this is fantastic. Thank You so much for coming up with this idea.

Keishla Colon


i loves this idea! im from puerto rico.
Debi where you get the cardstock? do you now any company?

thank, for share your proyect



Gorgeous! I love this project. Thanks for sharing!

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