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Friday, March 31, 2006



WOW!!! What a creative idea! Of late--I show my family that I love them...by showing up for dinner! Sadly--if I don't make it.....well--frankly...we go out! :)

I am pleasantly challenged tho by your post--I'll give it some more thought!



I read that book many years ago too and I loved it! Maybe I should try to dig it out again!

I try to make ordinary days into special days. Occasionally I announce that we will be having Hot Chocolate or Smoothies and we sit down and have it together--the kids think this is quite a treat!


I loved that book - it probably infuenced me more than any other when I was first married.

My husband and I went to L'Abri in '79 - it was a life-changing experience. We started having high tea on Sundays which was a custom we picked up at L'Abri. Our kids loved it!


Diane...thanks for sharing where you are...showing up is important too:)

Randi...isn't that fun? I haven't done that in so long...makes me think of days we used to do that...that's one of the reasons I like reading your blog...so all about family

Island Sparrow...Oh! I can't believe you got to go to L'Abri! I've always wondered what it would be like, and the high tea on Sundays sounds so lovely, a wonderful way to relax with your family. By the way, I love looking at the reflection of your lifestyle through the pictures you post on your blog...


I like to have our house straightened when my husband comes home. Sometimes the kids and I have done "10 minute cleanups", which are fun. We set the timer for 10 minutes and get so much done. I love to use my favorite lavendar room spray as a finishing touch when I'm finished cleaning a room!


Ok, I read this - loved it - love Edith Schaeffer - am totally impressed and inspired by you - and I have to come back again later and try to digest it more slowly...gotta run!

You are awesome!


And to think we're from the same family... Incredible! You are an inspiration!


Cindy...the smell of lavendar...yum...it goes with the spirit of your home perfectly!

Sparrow...I can't wait to try the Whole Wheat Bread recipe you shared on your blog

Becky....are you kidding...you inspire me!


What a lovely idea!

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