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Wednesday, May 05, 2010



Ah, what fun memories, kinda makes me cry! Your table looks lovely and so springy. Hope that you and Bonnie have a special time today. Wish I were there.
Wish you could be here to!


we are having a Ladies Tea here in Singapore this Saturday at our church. There is something about women and tea! And that recipe for Texas tea is fabulous; I've made it before! I love hot tea, chai tea lattes from Starbucks...you name it!


oh, forgot to mention sweet iced tea! I'm from Texas...how could I forget? :-)
Oh yes.........sweeeeeet tea....is there anything else?
My mom's from Texas so I grew up on the stuff.
Texas tea is so special....I've been making it as a special
menu item at Easter.
Have a great time at your ladies tea...will you be blogging
about it?



I will be blogging about the tea. If I forget to take pictures, I have a friend who always takes pictures so I'll just steal them from her (her camera is much nicer than mine, anyway!).

And contrary to what my New Mexican husband would say, there is nothing other than sweet tea!

Can't wait to see the pics.... :)


Love the idea but haven't pulled it off. :) I generally worry about receiving funny looks at the prospect of a tea time. LOL
Your comment is interesting....do you think your
friends think that is too old fashioned? too prissy LOL?
or just not high octane enough in our Starbucks age?
I'm so curious to know....



Hey Again Debi!! :)

Some of my friends may love it, but I also know that there are many who would find it just as you described. Too prissy or old fashioned. The "funny" thing is some of these very same friends would totally meet at a coffee shop for an hour or two.

However, I am in the process of moving so I am considering these thoughts and what I can do with them once I get where we are going. (OK) I don't know what God has planned for me yet, but He does seem to be giving me some things to think about. :)


Moving....how did I miss that?

This conversation is interesting.
Do you ever get together for other things in each others' homes?
I noticed when I was a mentor mom at my old church that the ladies in my group liked to meet at restaurants when we got together outside of our weekly small group meeting at the church.
Do you think it has anything to do with the place you meet too?



I have not been forthcoming about the move on my blog yet, due to other circumstances. You missed it because it wasn't plainly written. :)

Coming from the Women's Ministry Lead position I have some thoughts on place, to be certain. We have a monthly meeting called Heart2Heart that is simply for gathering and fellowshiping. When it is held in homes we have a low turn out but if it is in a restaurant, coffee shop, or the like the the numbers are higher.

I am wondering if it isn't because homes are more personal and it brings out women's insecurities more. Public spaces are neutral zones one can feel to come and go as one pleases, and no one feels trapped. Those issues most likely do pass once you get to know someone better, but until that time comes I think it gives them a sense of safety in an insecure moment.

Of course, there are the rare creatures who walk around transparent wherever they are. It is always good to have one or two of these women at a gathering for I feel they make the others feel more at ease.



yes....I've thought about the "neutral territory" thing...
good thoughts, Stacey! Thanks for sharing here!


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