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Sunday, January 25, 2009



You've given me LOTS of links I will check out ASAP.
Sounds like a full and exciting year.
Thank you also for the link on my blog (in your comment.) I made that one a favorite. My mother read Oswald Chambers throughout my growing up years. He was always a favorite of hers. I read some a few years ago, but I need to go back and read more... such good stuff.
Have a restful and rewarding sabbath.

Katy Dellicarpini

i love how "make this cake" comes right after "eat more greens"...awesome. love you and miss you mom!

Katy Dellicarpini

oh yeah and you should add...visit your middle child to that list. :)


This is such a neat list... you have the best ideas!!! I enjoyed seeing all of them... and I LOVE that train cake... my kids would go NUTS for that!! Great idea!

God bless-


I love you, and am so proud of you!!


Great list, Debi!

The fabric scrap memory game is a great idea and I'm printing the directions now!



Katy, your mom told me a week or so ago that she has plans to visit her middle daughter as well!!! I'm sure you'll have a good time together.

Debi, I enjoyed your list and also our visit about things we wanna do!



i am going to try square foot gardening this year too. i'm excited! and i love all the photo projects you are going to do. i'll tell Nick about that stranger one. neato!

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