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Sunday, February 11, 2007



What an encouragement to Daniel, I'm sure! Love the picture!


Thanks for taking the time to minister to Daniel. He said your visit was refreshing! And I love seeing the picture of him.


Hi, Debi! Glad to hear that your recent trip was both uplifting and fun! I just love Carrabba's, don't you? The trees and bushes growing on top of the restaurant crack me up!

Great picture that you captured! Is that with your new camera? And your husband is quite handsome, as I'm sure you already know. :) Have a great week!


Mimi and Cindy....
We so enjoyed seeing Daniel...he is such a blessing to be around!

Hi Julie...yes I took that picture with my new camera, which I am so enjoying! I've put a new link on my sidebar so I can put the pictures I take as I learn shooting technique and post processing. You have such good composition skills...I think you should think about getting an SLR. I'm sure your Uncle, ?was it? would be able to teach you a lot too! Yeah..I think my husband's cute too :)

Holy Experience

Yes, the picture is stunning, Debi--such crisp colors--like standing there! And to think it is snowing and blustery here.... Ezekiel 37...ministering to me too...

Thank you, Debi
Ann V.

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